Free High Speed Internet Access

When traveling for work, whether it is a half-an hour or over an hour car ride, the time that you spend in a car is usually unproductive. Sure enough, you can be on the phone, but wouldn’t it be nice if you were instantly able to connect to the corporate network or the Internet?

Being able to go online while riding in our cars means increased productivity!
Free Internet AccessPHL Ground Transportation Services is pleased and proud to be the first company in the area to offer high speed Internet access from the comfort of your car seat. You are required to have a Wi-Fi equipped computer or smart phone.

Our vehicles are equipped with a cutting-edge mobile wireless technology which connects to the Internet using Verizon Wireless’ super fast EV-DO network. You need no additional software installed on your computer. Once you are comfortably settled into your seat, turn on you personal computer, and enter the password that the driver will provide to connect to the internet. It is that simple!

And our router can handle multiple Wi-Fi connections, so your traveling party can also connect to the internet at the same time.

You can connect to your company’s network over VPN to check email, download the final version of your proposal, check the weather at your destination, or simply catch up on the latest news. Because Verizon Wireless offers the best data network in North America, you will have a fast connection capable of even streaming video, during most of the time. 

With PHL Ground Transportation not only will you enjoy safety, comfort, and stylish service, but also you can be productive or entertained when connected to the world of internet.